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About James Garcia

Lovely to see you have reached this far, this indicates that you are interested in learning more about me.  Please  feel free to read the description below to your heart's content, or leave a shout.






Body:  Hard to put my odd build into perspective...but here I go. I stand at about six feet, maybe a few inches taller/shorter than that on a good/bad day. I'm somewhere over 300 pounds, still dropping weight these day. Got more than a little bit of a gut, as well as chunky arms and thighs. All of which masks itself under any clothing that I wear, making my body structure look average. There is a pisser about the overweight thing though, I developed Acanthosis Nigricans. It makes parts of my skin darker than the others. It riddles my chest, making it look like a blotch or rather a lot of chest hair from far away. It makes this mark on my back, similar to a dragonfly and also completely covers my neck. It also shows up in the axila and between the legs.  Reference to my face...well you see the display avatars.  I like keeping my hair short, as it grows course and curly and the shortness keeps it managable.



Clothing:  This can vary, as I have a lot of outfits I could be wearing.  If I don't specify what outfit I'm wearing, assume black jeans and a yellow t-shirt.  For sleep wear, assume reversible black and white gym shorts and a yellow tank top.



Personality:  For the most part, I can be completely unpredictable.  Stability can be questionable at times and I may also be extremely lazy.  The best way to find out how you would fair with me is to approach me like a normal person.  It is rare that I approach others, but when it happens it is interesting to say the least.  If I am not speaking to others, I will do nay odd thing that pops into my head, in order to entertain myself.  If I amuse you as well, that is a plus in my book.



Backstory:  My life story is too long and I can't recall all of it.  The most I can do is give you tidbits of memories as I retell them.



Talents:  Aside from humor, there are other abilities that I possess.  One thing that I do is sing, I'm not the greatest, but I am pretty good and seem to improve.  I can play by ear, to the point that I can isolate almost every sound in a track.  I dabble in beadery to some small extent.  I do voice impressions either during humorous moments or just to do them.  I can improvise entertainment, making all kinds of fun things to do.  There are many more talents, I just forget what they are.



Items:  Many provisions are carried within a red and black backpack, in which I travel everywhere with.  It could include anything from food and small weaponry, to tools and items I pick up from people.  I think a current checklist will do this one right.




1.  Selltech Crystals:  These crystals a specially attuned to absorbing a universal variety of magic.  They are all 'blanks' until you put particular spells within them for later use.  The capacity of each of the crystals may vary.  You can get an expert to teach you how to tell what level of crystal you obtained and guess it's rarity.  They have a period of 24 hours of idle energy, before needing to be recharged.  The period of time decreases, the moment you start using them.  Best that you strategize, as to not end up in a pinch.




2.  Food:  Anything that I get my hands on within a role play going on.  Please remind me to throw spoiled food, for the sake of continuity.




3.  Incomplete First Aid Kit:  Only made for dealing with cramped/sore muscles, minor cuts, headache/fever, wound cleansing and toothaches.




4.  Extra Clothing:  This includes swim gear and an alternate outfit.




5.  Spell Tomes:  I'm not fluent in all forms of magic and often study up on what could be useful.  These books help me when I'm in dire need of spells that I have not mastered.




6.  Silver Dollar:  Given to me by Joanna Levi, I'm unsure of what type of item to classify this as, or what purpose I could use it for.




7.  Empty




8.  Empty




9.  Empty




10.  Empty



Info on Spelltech Crystals:  The power of these crystals is determined by two things, their spell capacity and what spells are in them.  They're leveled by a capacity of one through ten, it is easy to guess how many spells are held by number.  Not a single person has found a crystal that is greater than four, not in this age.  Below is a list of crystal combinations that I have made, for a range of uses.  I will update it upon making more in future role plays.



Jet Crystal:  This is a level two close combat enhancement crystal, using the power of Aero and Haste.  The user is given the ability to move faster in battle, as well as step upon the air for a split second, increasing jump heights.  This power is also good for versatile means of scouting and travel.  Can be used to also avoid certain perils, spike pits for example.


Red Ulti-Crystal:  A special level two crystal, designed to house Ultima magic, infused with Fire.  The result generated by this is a combustive flame attack, called 'Red Star'.  The enemy is engulfed within flames, that surround a ten foot diameter, finally dispersing at thirty feet.  It is a destructive move that costs a lot of magic in order to make.


Blue Ulti-Crystal:  A special level two crystal, designed to house Ultima magic, infused with Water.  The result generated by this is a consuming water attack, called 'Blue Star'.  The enemy is envelopoped in a prison of suspended water, that surrounds a diameter of twenty feet.  It is a destructive move that costs a lot of magic in order to make.



Purge Crystal:  This level two crystal is infused with the spells Cure and Esuna.  The crystal grants it's owner the power to cure status and slowly heal the target.


Thermareg Crystal:  Infused with Fire, Blizzard and Cure, this special level three crystal helps cure burns and hypothermia.  It can also be applied to safely thaw out recently frozen victims.  The crystal can alternate between heat and coolness by skilled will users, or simply only filling it with the needed temperature.



Transit Crystal:  The level one crystal is standard to all dimensional travelers.  The crystal can either transport them to random worlds, or ones that have been visited.  It also allows users to find other crystals, hidden in spacial pockets.



Sound Crystal:  A level one crystal that is used to record and mix sounds, composition is done by the will of the user that is attuned to the crystal.  This crystal holds many versatile purposes to the user.



Extra notes:  If you even have any questions at all, please do ask them.  I may not always have an answer to them, but I can attempt to give you my best regarding them.

species Human or Mysidian Sand Bear
gender male from Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
loves Bear, Bee, Big Band likes Arctic Fox, Barn Owl, Bat tolerates New Country, New School, Punishment hates Pain, Political, Stealing
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Latest Journal posted 11 Jun 2011

Old memories never leave, they lie in wait to be discovered again...

Also, I don't realize I made a spelling error, until 11 months later.  XD

  [11:27:42](>) James The Bear: The song Calfuray posted activated a cognizant function, allowing James to recall a smell of some random room he memorized the smell of.   [11:37:34](>) James The Bear: The scent he caught wind of reminded him of when he was young. He was now bathed is a sweet nostalgia of that youth he once had. He made his way over to an empty couch and gently lowered himself. He lay his head to rest, nuzzling into the upholstery with the back of his head. Everything else around him seemed to stop mattering. He was no longer in a petty mood, cause he was ignored by half the people he greeted. He no longer felt the exhaustion caused by stress and lack of sleep. No, he was relaxed, truly relaxed for once in his life. He enjoyed the moments that passed, recalling fond memories. He let out a content sigh, as if all his troubles had b...


Phedra 3 days ago
~Stares at the bear for a long period of time~
James Garcia 3 days ago
*Stares right back, possibly amused at the moment*
Phedra 3 days ago
~Clip clops back and forth some, letting out a small giggle~
James Garcia 3 days ago
*Claps softly to the faun, indicating legitimate amusement*
Lunar_wolfie 6 days ago
Thank you! *smiles*
James Garcia 6 days ago
Ain't no problem.
echo_existence 1 week ago
Thanks for the intriguing welcoming shout, Sir.
James Garcia 1 week ago
You're very welcome.
LaurieBloo 4 months ago
All day every day~ o3o
James Garcia 4 months ago
It's for the good of the colony.
Crimson Blaze 4 months ago
You seem like a cool guy.
James Garcia 4 months ago
I do my best.
Arabesque 4 months ago
James Garcia: (3 days ago)
Welcome to the collective.

"As they say on Star Trek We are the Furries we will add your biological, and technological yiffiness to our own. Resistance is futile." >;-P
James Garcia 4 months ago
Damn right! >:U
potionmastercernun 5 months ago
... thank you >> though the intro does not bodde well. XD <3
LaurieBloo 6 months ago
[Shoutbox commenting intensifies]
iLunashi 7 months ago
Thanks so much for your kinds words ^^
LaurieBloo 8 months ago
James Garcia 8 months ago
My name is Mr. Wilson and I'm here to say, that I'm here to smack your ass in a brand new way. What are you doing down in the basement? Get outta here...GET OUTTA HERE!!
LaurieBloo 8 months ago